Pet Sitting 

Going away and not want to put your dog in kennels? We wouldn’t either! Most dogs would prefer to keep their routine and stay in their home, however they still need to be walked and cared for. This service incorporates both house care and dog care, as we make sure all is well at home and with your dog while you are away. Your dog will be visited once or twice a day (your choice) and included in a 1-hour walk with other dogs and then cuddled and fed before bedtime in the evening. Mail will be collected, plants watered and any additional pets cared for (extra costs apply). We send regular updates on how everything at home is going.



We may be dog mad, but we also have lots of love for our feline friends. Cats are a lot more independent than dogs, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t crave the same love and attention. We offer cat feeding and playtime as a part of our services. This could be useful if you are going away and need someone to pop over once or twice a day to feed, play and clean up, or if you are working long hours and just want to make sure your cat is getting some attention and care during the day.

Cat Feeding

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