Dog Daycare

Find Out About Dog Daycare

Have you thought about what your dog does all day when you’re at work? Just 30mins North in Somersby there is a pardise we have created for all dogs! We collect pups in the dog bus from Sydney's North shore, in the moring, them drop them home happy and tired in the afternoon! At Wooftales daycare we ensure that your pet is in good hands all day long.


Throughout the day, though go on multiple walks, hang out with their friends, and play with other dogs that are at daycare for the day. There are sand pits, puppy pools, equipment, so much stuff to sniff an explore its always so much fun!

By the time your dog returns home, they will be happy and exhausted. They may tell you about all of their doggy adventures, too (or you can check in on Instagram or Facebook to see them play!). To learn more about our services, please give us a call or send us an email! We can’t wait to meet your pup and invite him to play at Wooftales Doggy Daycare!