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Top dog & Adventure leader

Chris is a passionate and dedicated animal handler with a strong understanding of canine behavior and obedience.


During his years at LondonWoof, he established strong bonds with his dogs and their owners and realised this was his calling.


He obtained certificate in dog CPR and pet first aid, and has always prided himself on attention to detail when in the workspace.


Qualified as a chef, his new creation is happy, obedient and sociable dogs. If you are after that or seeking a behavioral advice, Chris is your man.


Pupparazzi & Adventure leader

Emily has always been mad about animals and has been around them all her life. From a young age she has had a great interest in her two aunts’ dog breeding programs as well as with horses and riding.


Emily does basic training on walks teaching dogs tricks and encouraging good behavior. She loves nothing more than to exhaust herself and the dogs in the park while taking pictures.

Emily has a media degree and a passion for photography & documentary- using these skills her daily visual doggy dairy will keep you up to date with your pet’s escapades. 


Pup cuddlier & Adventure leader

Sandy has always had a dog in his family, but it wasn't until he started working with cattle dogs out in a remote station in Northern Territory did he reaslise how much a part of his life they really were.


On returning to Sydney Sandy sort a job that would allow him to spend his time with dogs. Sandy has experience in a vet practice and is very knowledgeable in canine health and well being.


He is also a sucker for a fluffy cuddle!


Puppy fun co-orindator & Adventure leader

Ben is a Staffy lover, he has a little blue English Staffy called Pumba who sometimes joins the Wooftales pack on adventures. Ben has a certificate II in animal studies, he is very knowledgeable in canine studies and is absolutly dog mad. Walks with Ben are always fun and the dogs love him!


Puppy personal trainer & Adventure leader

Zac is English and has a passion for Labradors and German shepherds. His family dog Blue the black lab is still going strong. Zac has a solid understanding of dog behavior and a passion for training. He has worked in working dog kennels back in England with a variety of breeds and temperaments. The dogs always get a great walk with Zac!


Head of doggy round up

Ilah is a 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla, her family is the Wooftales pack. She is always the life of the party facilitating ball games and rounding everyone up. Ilah is very social as she has been coming to daycare from a very young age. She would love to make friends with your dog to!


Team Mascot

Baggins is a 4 year old British short hair, despite the streotype she loves dogs! She also loves walking on the lead, we are working towards taking her on adventures with the pack but for now she is the Wooftales Mascot!

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