I start work early and don’t come back home until the evening, can I use your services?

Yes, most of our clients work full time. We hold the keys to our clients homes and collect/deliver dogs
when they are not home, this is all included in the cost making it super easy to book in!

Both all Wooftales staff have obtained a NSW police check and have reliable references.

What happens when it rains? Do you still take my dog for a walk or to daycare?

Yes, of course! We are an adventure pack- we walk in all weather- and still take dogs to daycare if it is raining.  Dogs don't mind the rain- if anything it makes it more fun with puddles to jump in. We do however make sure your dog is dropped home clean and towel dried as there is nothing worse than muddy paws greeting you when you get home from work. At Daycare we do have a shed and under cover areas- we adapt to the conditions and make sure the dogs are having fun no matter what. If you do have a concern about the weather we are always on hand to have a chat about the options.

I’m not sure how my dog would go being with other dogs, what are the options for me?

Its best to call or email us and tell us about your dogs history, and extra needs your pup may have. If we can see your dog isn’t social or perhaps a little shy, we can help with this- dogs are pack animals, they get so much enrichment out of socialising once they open their hearts to it! The first day at daycare for every pup is a trail day, they will arrive with the pack on the doggy bus and then spend the day getting to know the pack. If they pass assessment they are welcomed to the pack and can come back to Wooftales whenever they like. With some socialisation training in an environment which is safe and controlled with other friendly well adjusted dogs- your pooch will be Mr or Mrs confident in no time, give it a go!

Get in touch for more details.

My puppy is very small, is there a minimum age that you accept into the pack?

 Your puppy has to be fully vaccinated before
being allowed out and about with other dogs, this is after their 3rd shot of C5 - we will need to see evidence of this in our registration. Sending your puppy to Wooftales after its final shots will be the best thing you can do, getting socialised safely at a young age will set your pups confidence up for the rest of their lives and they will sail into dog adulthood with all the doggy dialogue to be happy and adjusted in diverse situations!
At Daycare your pup will learn “how to be a dog” and how to communicate
in the canine world- but with trained dog handlers there to modreate play and make sure it safe and good behaviors are being nourished. This is all part of raising a balanced, healthy and happy dog.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured in case of anything happening to your dog or property due to our negligence, however we recommend you also get pet insurance.

Are there any aggressive dogs at daycare or your walks?

No. Every single one of the dogs attending group walks or Daycare are observed by us and we make sure they are
safe and comfortable playing with other dogs, all pack members have to pass our risk assessment and qualify to become a park memeber.

So what do I have to do to start using your services?

Best way is to fill in our contact form, mention what services you are after and the convenient dates
to organise a trial day. You will hear back from us as soon as possible. We will send you our
registration forms, which you will have to fill in before the first day. Please be aware that we do have a waiting list and those that fill out the forms correctly with a copy of the vaccination certification will get priority. We will not
allow your dog to come on our walks without a proof of up to date vaccinations!

Your job must be a walk in the park?!

Yes it is! But we also work hard to make sure your animals are healthy happy and enjoying their time with us and their mates! Why- because dogs are the best- and they deserve the best!

Got more questions? Get in touch!