Dog Walking

Most people adopt a dog and don’t realise that their busy lifestyle leaves their beloved pet at home spending most of their lives waiting for attention and exercise. This is where anxiety problems arise and dogs become unsettled, destructive and unhealthy. Some may bark and annoy neighbours others occupy their time destroying the garden or the house in the owner’s absence. Every dog needs to be walked daily. 



Breaking up the day with an hour dog walk, gives any dog the chance to socialise, exercise and familiarise with new surroundings and situations. All this interaction stimulates positive energy for the dog, allowing a social and well-adjusted attitude to form.

Owners who send their dog to a dog walker, will instantly notice the difference in their dog’s

well-being and general happiness. After all, no one likes being cooped up all day with nothing to do and it makes perfect sense that your dog feels the same way.

At Wooftales, we come and collect your dog during the day at a time that suits you and your family schedule, we will then take your pup on an adventure with other dogs somewhere close to your house. We always walk for a minimum 1 hour so you dog is gone from home for around an hour and a half with pick up and drop off. We insist on an initial chat just to get to know you and your best friend. Get in touch, to book a consultation. 

Dog Walks are $35+gst for one dog for  the hour

Dog walks are $50+gst for two dogs for the hour