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Lance and Micth

Birthday Boys

Lance and Mitch are much loved Wooftales pack members, Lance is a rescue German Shepard who is the loveliest soul, he teaches all the puppies to be gentle just like him, Mitch is a Groodle and 6 years old- hes always up for a cuddle. They both got a pawty on the same day as we don't know lance's age- but love them equally as much.

All pack members can book a bespoke party to celebrate at daycare with all their furrriends!


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The Wolly Poodle

Bonsai's 2nd Birthday! He has been a much loved pack member since he was a wee boy- he may still be on the smaller side but he loves to play with all the big dogs! So much personality in such a compact package!


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Jelly Bean

1st Birthday

Jelly is a GSP and he LOVES daycare, he had a wonderful 1st birthday celebrarting with his mates


Princess Belle

Belle has been a pack member for years- when you call us- Belle is the pup on the voicemail! Shes super smart and super adorable and just loves all the actives at daycare!


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