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Types of Pet Sitting Services Available for Your Dog

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

It's not always feasible to take your dog along when you have somewhere to go. Whether you're going away on business, vacation, or just away for the day, there are times when you may need pet sitting services. It's good to know that you have options when the need arises. Once you know all of the options that you have, it will be easier to make a decision as to which is better for you. While it would be great if our dogs could come with us no matter where we go, unfortunately, they cannot, so read on to see the best choices for those times when you need a sitter.

Day care

Doggy daycare is a great option for your dog. When you have to be away at work all day and don't want to leave your dog home alone and bored, this is a great option. You may even want to use this option if you have an event that is going to keep you busy for the day. There are many benefits that come along with this choice.

  • Your dog will have the chance to play with other dogs.

  • Your dog will have people available should he or she need anything.

  • Instead of spending the day on the couch, the dog will get exercise.

  • Your dog will have playtime with other dogs.

  • Your dog will be socialized, which is very important for all dogs.

  • Your dog won't be bored. A bored dog can be a destructive dog. In fact, boredom can account for many behavioral problems that dogs have.

In home sitter

You can hire a pet sitter to come to your home in order to take care of your dog. There are many who offer these services. The downside to this is having a stranger in your home. This is something that you may not be comfortable with.

Friends of neighbors

You can always ask friends or neighbors to stop by to let your dog out and to give him some food. However, this may become an imposition when it's done too often. You may feel awkward asking others to provide care for your dog as well. It can become an uncomfortable situation.

The next time that you can't be there to take care of your dog, choose one of the above options. Your dog will be thrilled to have someone around to take care of them, feed them, and take them out. You'll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your dog is well cared for.

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