Dog Adventure

Dog Walking Made Easy in Sydney

There’s a dog adventure waiting for your dog in Sydney's North Shore!. At Wooftales Doggy Adventures, we’re all about having fun with dogs. Our professionals take the dogs on walks, let them play in the water, and run around outside all day long. Wahroonga dog walks, Waitara dog walks, Killara dog walks, Lindfeild dog walks, Hornsby dog walks, Mount Colah dog walks, Mount Kurringai dog walks, Berowra dog walks.

With a dog adventure, we’ll pick your dog up and drop them at home. This is the best form of daycare when you’re at work all day long. You’ll come home after work to an exhausted dog who wants to tell you all about the new friends that they made.

We want to meet your pup to make sure that they are ready to play with other dogs. Give us a call today so that we can schedule a consultation. Once we get to meet your dog, we can make sure that they are social enough to play with others.