Doggy Daycare

Find Out the Perks of Doggy Daycare

A doggy daycare in Lake Mumorah, New South Wales offers you more perks than you might think. At Wooftales Doggy Adventures, we’re doggy professionals – and it shows in all that we do with the dogs. We will make sure that your dog has all sorts of fun and is exhausted by the end of the day.

With our doggy daycare, dogs get to play all day long. They get to go on four walks, too. This ensures that they have all sorts of adventures with other dogs. They may go in the water to cool off and romp around outside. They may also lie down for a little nap.

With the daycare, we pick up and drop off from your home. Plus, they get to make friends, helping with their socialisation. Are you ready to learn more and get your doggy scheduled for a consultation? Call us now!