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Should Your Dog Go To Doggie Daycare?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

If you are a dog owner, you may wonder if dog daycare is a good option for your pet. There are several instances where doggie daycare is an excellent option for dogs. Your lifestyle and your dog will determine if it is a good option for you. Take stock of your dog's life and your lifestyle to learn if any of the following makes daycare a smart choice for your situation.

You're Away from Home for a Good Part of the Day

Being away from home for long periods each day means your dog is home alone. It is especially hard for younger dogs. While older ones may happily nap on the sofa or your bed when you are not home, active dogs need more stimulation. Consider taking your dog to daycare at least two or three days a week, so the dog is not too lonely.

Separation Anxiety and the Neighbors

If you have an anxious dog who has separation anxiety, your house can be very loud when you leave.

  • Dogs with anxiety can cry and bark for hours.

  • It is unpleasant for the dog and your neighbors.

  • Taking your dog to daycare will be good for the dog, and your neighbors will thank you.

Destructive Behavior

Did you know that a dog's destructive behavior is often a sign of boredom? A dog's mind and body need to get used to curb boredom. Your dog will have plenty to do during daycare. They will get to play, walk, and have lots of interaction with others.

It is Time to Getaway

Everyone needs to take a break from the pressures of everyday life from time to time. If you are planning a getaway for yourself, why not prepare one for your pet as well. Plan for your dog to spend a few days at daycare. They'll enjoy new sights and smells. They will have no activities to enjoy. Some even have special services that can get added. Make the getaway vacation for both of you.

Daycare can be the perfect solution when you are traveling, or when you need somewhere safe to drop your dog off, so he or she is not alone. Adding this new activity to your pet's life can lead to a happier dog, happier neighbors, and a more comfortable household. Try it out for your pet and watch the positive impact it has.

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